That sense of alienation when people keep departing from your website after a quick visit is sucks, right? It looks like someone is preventing you from speaking with your audience. In case you don’t know who your company’s #1 adversary is, it’s called Jump Rate – the ratio of guests who visit your website and leave without browsing any reading your content or checking out any other pages on your site.

Jump Rate prevents you from getting any leads, proposals, or sales. You get nothing at all. To be able to prevent this evil power from getting stronger, you need an animated explainer video!

It’s the only way you can engage your audience and show them who are you, what you do and exactly how you’re prepared to solve your their problems.

Let’s proceed through three main reasons why animated or cartoon explainer videos can be your superhero that saves the day:

They’re instant attention grabbers

There’s no real surprise an individual’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, a mere 8 seconds long. This is generally known as one of the key factors that feeds our enemy, bounce rate.

Don’t worry. With an animated explainer video on your landing page, you’ll grab your viewers’ attention immediately, having them stay on for an average of 2 minutes much longer, quite a jump from 8 seconds. That’s an instantaneous 1500% boost!

Play smart, and stick your video above the fold so it can pick up immediate attention from your audience. Make it big and appealing. You can even go for a cool image to get your audience to press play.

Helps in expansion of SEO rates

The amount of time your guests spend on your website has a direct impact on your ranking on Google. If you don’t show up on search results, you won’t get any business, no matter how great your service or product is, because no one can find you!

You ought to be able to target your jump rate and your animated explainer video must be engaging enough to eliminate it. Visitors should stay much longer on your site and finally convert to leads and customers. An animated video increases your chances, in fact it’s 53 times much more likely to make page 1 on Google, than just simply having text.

Here’s a technique: you can include relevant keywords to your cartoon explainer video’s headline on your website, YouTube or blog channel. Make sure to make it a smooth transition for your potential customers because a lot more at home they feel,  the closer you’ll get your bounce rate to zero.

It’s the easiest way to turn guests into customers

What’s most detrimental is that jump rate lets you know in numbers, the total amount of men and women that didn’t build relationships your business. This clearly identifies a weak spot in your marketing. Quite simply, bounce rate shows the fact you’re losing profits.

Understand that an animated explainer video recording that can run for over 2 minutes if you have a complex product or service that can take some time to explain. Your visitors can go in and out of the video, sometimes not watching it to completion.

But a punchy, well crafted animated video that generally runs under 2 minutes will get you a 65% higher chance to convert visitors into customers, getting rid of that pesky jump rate for good.

Create an animated explainer video for your brand, increase time-on-page, increase conversions and defeat jump rate forever!