In the business world, especially for start-ups, there are cases when you have to make a choice in choosing the best video solution: should it be animated explainer video or live action video? It may seem to be a difficult question for you to answer, but it will create a big impact once you’ve made a decision whether to choose the former or the latter. Before you do so, make sure that you have gained in-depth knowledge about how both of them works, their difference, benefits and what makes it better than the other. It’s an essential part of the decision-making process. Let me give you quick insights about these advertising solutions.

Animated explainer videos are short animated videos that usually run between 1-3 minutes. It is used to introduce a certain business, website, product, or services which are usually done in various styles such as cartoon, whiteboard animation, screencast, etc. On the other hand, live action videos are videos that refer to non-animated characters. Meaning, the characters of the story are “real” actors or persons. The cinematography and videography are produced without using animation.

Both of these video techniques are effective in their own ways in terms of video marketing. However, one is a better approach than the other. Here are explicit reasons why animated explainer videos are better than live action videos.


  1. It’s Shorter to Produce

Live shoots require a longer time for production.  Animated videos can take 4-6 weeks to complete whereas a live shoot may take up 3 months or more. Why? It is because it’s time-consuming and complicated (sometimes) to worry about the location, actors, props, equipment, sets, as well as the weather condition. The production of animation videos are easier to manage and if there are any modifications or edits, it’ll just take few clicks, drag-and-drops unlike in live action videos that require hours, weeks even months of tedious editing.

  1. Animated Explainer Videos are Cheaper

In connection to reason #1, the longer the production takes, the more it’s digging a deeper hole into your pocket. Others might say that start-up business can’t afford animation videos, but it’s not true. Animated videos are cost-effective and cheaper. Live action video expenses include hiring the most suitable actors, the setting or location, equipment, staff and video production costs. On the other hand, animated videos only require you to subscribe to cloud-based solutions that will make it easier for you to create videos with simple drag-and-drop tools. Also, if you hire someone or a company to do it for you, then it’ll be additional but still cheaper.

  1. Offers Higher Conversions

Animations make videos more watchable and it catches the viewers’ attention easily. It’s more appealing compared to live action shoots, hence, more people are engaged in watching it. The visuals, characters, plot and animation styles can easily create a connection with the audience, make them understand in a way where there is no stereotyping or prejudice. Animated videos have that strong power to leave an impression in which audience can’t forget. In connection to this, research shows that humans can remember 58% more of what they see/hear in a video. Given this, having an animated video with an effective call-to-action will help increase sales conversion.

  1. Easier Post-production Edits

As what we’ve mentioned in reason #1, animated explainer videos are easier to manage and edit than live action videos. The post-production is the most challenging one. For example, you don’t like the final video or you want to make revisions, you have to rebook everything for live shoots: the location, actors, and the crew. You have to set it all up again in order to make the change – another hole in the pocket. Meanwhile, post-production changes in animated videos can be done in few clicks and drag-and-drop actions. For the animators, it’s just part of polishing the video and most of them don’t charge extra for it. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

  1. Freedom to Focus on Your Brand’s Story-telling

Imagination is your only limit when you do animated videos. You can freely express and convey the message of your brand without having to worry about resources that you have to pay for, unlike in live action shoots. Also, animated videos can easily capture hard-to-represent ideas on a screen without any constraints. You can freely deliver your compelling story and focus on it without the hassle of choosing who’s best suited for the character or where the setting will be – you can create your own. Aside from that, distractions are less likely to occur in animated video production, which leaves more time and energy to pay attention to the concept and script.

  1. Perfect for Business that Involves Visual Metaphors

Animated videos are flexible and it is ideal for businesses which harness technology to help customers understand how it can help solve their problems. Despite the advent of technology, not everyone understands it, which is why animated videos are your hero. It uses visual metaphors to explain abstract concepts and show the customers how things really work and how it should be done, like using an app, new phone or any other product or service. Yes, live action can be a straightforward approach when you can camera your message, but what if it’s too big, too small or too complicated? Animated video is the answer – you can do everything and anything you can imagine.

It’s normal for a businessman to make calculated risks, so make sure to bet on the right one. Though animated explainer videos have a lot to offer and better in numerous ways, live action videos are also good for achieving business goals. Choosing whether to go with either one is a very tricky task but you have to ponder on which video technique is best for your business and it’s our responsibility to help you decide. Hiring the best and most efficient explainer video company could help you achieve your goals once you’ve decided to pick animation videos. So, start building yours today and extend the reach of your brand!