Animated explainer videos are excellent in engaging with potential customers and familiarize them with your business. Do you want to know the secret of an effective explainer video – an animated video with a punch that could help convert sales and increase revenue? The secret my friend, lies in the script. Yes, you read that right – because it is the core element of a compelling video. Combine it with visuals, animation, and other elements, you’ll certainly nail your explainer video. So, it’s important that you pour everything out, research thoroughly in order to create a killer video script. Do the fancy animations once you’re done doing the critical part.

An explainer video has the power to convince your target audience and make them interested in what you offer. This is why you have to tell your story in the best way possible and not send your audience to boredom land or induce them to a nap. You have to make sure that you are well-prepared and you have a well-researched plan in order to create a captivating script to inspire potential customers. Of course, you have to research your target market, determine your message and don’t forget a call-to-action. So now, to help you become a master in video script, we’ve listed five powerful tips to help you write killer one.

  1. Keep it short

We, humans, have a very short attention span, even shorter than dogs. Having said this, it is important that you keep your video script short if you want your audience to keep watching it. Otherwise, they’ll shut down it down after few seconds. According to several studies, the ideal length of an animated explainer video is 1-2 minutes. It should be enough to cover the key features of the product or service that your company offers, without losing your audience’s attention and interest.

  1. Make an impression in the first 30 seconds

In connection to what we’ve mentioned in tip #1, you have to impress your audience and put your message in the first 30 seconds of the script. Remember, your audience have a short attention span and you have to make the most out of the first few seconds to keep them interested. Use the first 30 seconds wisely and make sure that you relay the message clearly. It will also tell the viewers what to expect and learn from the video. When you’ve made a possible impression, certainly it will last until the end and it will even lead to possible conversion.

  1. Speak directly to the audience

Yes, you have to speak to your audience as if you’re in a conversation. Directly address to their needs by empathizing and showing that you care for them. There’s no need to tell them what they already know, instead, you have to tell them what they need to know about your product or service. They have to know how you can help them and what solutions you have to offer. Stop beating around the bush and don’t talk to them over their heads. It’s important that you gain their trust as well as earn the chance to sell them something.

  1. Find the right tone and pace appropriately

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Meaning, you have to find the right tone when you are talking to your audience. Make one sentence that best describes your product or service, why you’re making the video as well as what you want your audience to do after the video. Imagine the appropriate setting and characters in your story and create a realistic dialogue. From there, you can form a tone that would best suit your animated explainer video. Make it as realistic as possible and don’t go too fast. Keep the dialogue between 120 to125 words per minute. Give your audience time to breathe and absorb what you’re telling them. Don’t just fire like a machine gun, just be friendly, speak clearly and keep a comprehensive pace.

  1. Tell a compelling story

Yes, the audience loves a compelling story. In as much as it’s important to present a problem-solution to the viewers, it’s also equally important to write a script that tells a story. Write in a manner that uses real emotions and connects to your audience. Build that connection and don’t lose the momentum. Once they feel that your story has a great substance, and you can make them laugh or smile it makes your video worthwhile and memorable. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of humor, audience yearns for it. The more the audience feel that you understand them, the higher the chances that they’ll respond positively to your call-to-action (just don’t forget to include it in the video script).

When working on the script, you have to put your mind and heart into it – don’t skimp. Take all the time that you need in order to produce a killer script that’ll blow the minds of your potential customers as well as send your conversions to the roof. Never be afraid of getting feedback from friends, co-workers, and even your family. Remember to make your script as engaging and captivating as possible. However, if you think that you can’t get hang of it, or in some cases, choosing someone from an efficient explainer video company could also be a good choice. They can take a fresh look at your company, your product/service and do the job for you in a way that anyone can understand. Anyhow, just keep in mind that it’s all about THE SCRIPT! So better make yours a killer one!