In the online market, the popularity of explainer videos has been rampant and needless to say, more and more people are drawn into it. Given that this generation pays great attention to visual arts and animation, the need of explainer videos is undeniable. It has been one of the most powerful medium and tool that aims to help target consumers in understanding the basic function of a given product of service. It’s an effective instrument as part of video marketing, which can help boost success. These are just one of the many reasons why explainer videos are paramount to your company. Whether it’s on YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia, as long as you have produced a good information video, people from all over the world will definitely watch it.

Nowadays most of the consumers are millennials, and it is quite a challenge to make them focus on what you or your company is trying to deliver due to their short attention span. Sometimes no matter how you’re your advertisement is, still, you can’t expect them to put their attention into it. However, a good explainer video could do the trick for you. The big question is here is, how? Of course, it’s more than just the visuals, animation, and symbols. There are a lot of things that should be considered especially the necessary ones.

If you are you one of the many entrepreneurs, businessmen or online marketers who aspire to get online visibility through explainer videos, well then, you definitely have to take the time and think through the basic principles required in order to create an aesthetic and enticing explainer video.

  1. Keep it short and simple

The main principle that you have to think of always is to keep your video short and simple. Remember, most of your audience have short attention span, you wouldn’t want to bore them along, right? Also avoid putting too much stuff, story or information on your video – it may mislead your audience and deliver wrong information. Make your video brief and concise but enticing at the same time to keep them tuned in. Make sure that everything that your audience needs to know is there. Being a minimalist is not a bad thing. You just have to know when and what is too much. If you find it unnecessary, then don’t put it in. Ask professional advice from experts if need be.

  1. Prioritize the concept

Visual gimmicks really help, but you have to prioritize the concept of your product or service. Focus on your message or on what your brand stands for. Create a draft, outline your ideas and develop a concept out of it. When you already have a concept, the rest will follow and it will be easier to keep track of what needs to be done. Remove unnecessary information especially animation while working on the video. Too many effects or animation may distract your audience and cause them to lose focus. And, when they do, they won’t even remember what the explainer video is all about.

  1. Engage audience through catchy story

One way to get your audience’s attention, you ask? Well, develop a catchy story wherein they can connect. Mostly, you have to create a story that they will understand, relate into and one that states their needs. Also, consider what’s new and that’s on the trend. You don’t have to follow your competitor’s story instead make one that is unique and forget about clichés. Aim to stand above the rest and a bit of comedy is helpful. Engage them to pay attention to the story and make them think, gain awareness or acquire knowledge while watching it.

  1. Efficient Illustration

To make your explainer video successful, you have to efficiently illustrate your concept. It’s the best way to showcase you or your company’s ideas, goals and brand message wherein it will be remembered understood and accepted by the target audience. Interesting and attractive graphics will make your video enjoyable, memorable and most of all, engaging. Remember, aim for a specific niche when you create your illustration.

  1. Consider multilingual dubs

Since you have big hopes and dreams for your products or services, consider making your explainer video done in different languages aside from English. If you plan to make it available and accessible to other countries, you might want to dub your video project in accordance with the country’s native language. Different accents such as British English, Australian English, and several others work as well.

Overall, it is important that you consider all the basic design principles to ensure that you will convey the right message to your consumers. Be creative all the time and let your imagination work – come up with an ideal and attractive explainer video. Also, make sure to choose a trusted explainer video company to do the job for you if you know that you aren’t fit to do it. Yes, you may have knowledge in creating one but it’s always better to let the experts work their magic. The key here is an open collaboration between you and your chosen company. Be open and exchange valuable concepts to make the production process fast and prolific. Of course, you’d want to be on top of your game right? So, start building your explainer video now!