Okay, so now you’re getting all fired up for your start-up business explainer video and you have all these ideas inside your head. You simply want to make your ideas work and be able to create an animated explainer video that informs and entertains people with a punch. Of course, you also want to build a mutual relationship and trust with your target audience using the animated video. However, with all those thoughts and ideas in your head, plus the pumped up excitement, sometimes you just don’t even know how to start and develop a killer concept to rock the internet. Don’t worry, I feel you.

To make your explainer video standout, you have to develop a superb concept. It’s the most important element of the explainer video production which should be followed by a well-written and thought out the script. Having said this, it’s kind of normal to have all those ideas and having challenges in concocting a video concept. You want this, you want that, and a whole lot more. Whenever you hear or see something that you like, it’ll add to your list of ideas, which may perhaps cause complications, yeesh! In connection to this, we have listed valuable and successful steps that you could follow in order to help develop a killer explainer video concept along with your team. Yes, teamwork always produces great results.

  1. Think Big

Oh yes! If you have high hopes and dreams for your start-up business, you have to think big. Think of something special and as much as possible avoid clichés – aim to make a difference. How to do it? First, you have to start with creative brief wherein you have to ask relevant questions about what you offer (solutions you can provide), who’s your target audience, and what you are hoping to accomplish with your animated video. You and your team can brainstorm about common issues your customers are experiencing and how you can help them in a way you can make an impact and leave an impression.  The more ideas the better, but you have to select the ones that are related to the goal.

  1. Narrow Down Ideas

Now, once you’ve answered the questions from your creative brief you’ll be able to generate ideas – a lot of them. The next step is to narrow down ideas by choosing the best ones. The more unique and creative it is, the better. You can combine multiple ideas or try to tweak it a little bit. Debates are inevitable at this stage but that’s okay, it’s a healthy debate anyway. Remove ideas that are not necessary or irrelevant to your goal and from the best ones you’ve chosen, go for the top picks. Select the best among the best.

  1. Pitch and Take Action

Out of the best ideas you have, you and your team should start pitching concepts. Let your imagination work and pitch a mock script, detailed written description, visuals or illustrations and videos for reference. Might as well shoot techniques, animations and other strategies that could be used for the explainer video production. From there, you should try adding some significant twists and add action. You can use metaphors or rhetorical statements as long as they are relevant to your concept. A catchy tag line could really work, though.

  1. Compose Your Story

As soon as you have a concept added with action, you should start creating a compelling story. You should think outside of the box. Decide on the best setting, characters (it doesn’t have to be people), conflicts and solutions. Don’t be afraid to add a little humor to your story, just make sure to use it wisely. Aim for characters that your audience could root for, can connect to emotionally and represent them in a protagonist manner. Pick a setting that adds depth and meaning to your characters and message. Remember, keep it short and simple.

  1. Finalize ad Refine Concept

Right after you have composed a story out of the ideas, you should leave room for improvements. There should be editing – of course, you may have to add or remove stuff and change it to be finalized. You have to polish your concept and make sure that everybody takes a look at it, let them speak their minds and allow them to state their opinions about it. The concept should work in tandem with the script, so you have to refine your concept before you proceed with the scripting.

Coming up with a great concept is not an overnight success – it takes time, experience, and effort. Two heads are better than one and you shouldn’t be afraid taking feedbacks or suggestions from your team. As part of video marketing, explainer videos are the real deal. So, you better make sure to hit it with your best shot! Once you have developed a solid and fascinating concept, you can certainly make a difference and help motivate change. Therefore, if you want to make an impact, start working on your concept and take the relevant steps of creating an animated video for business!