As a start-up, you might not be convinced of how an animated explainer video could help you and your business thrive in the world of digital marketing. You’re still having doubts, right? Well, it’s somehow inevitable at some point because nobody wants to invest on something that they’re uncertain of. However, that shouldn’t be the case. If you want to be in the market and if you want people to recognize your product or services, you should play along everyone else and invest in video marketing. There’s nothing to worry about – most of the customers rely on the internet for their wants or needs, hence, you can take that advantage and be visible.

Oh yes, live action shoot is also one way to go, but an animated video for business is the better bet. If you want to put your money to good use, as well as your time and effort, then certainly you’d want to make animated videos your number one choice. One of the best examples to inspire you is Dropbox’s explainer video – imagine, in just five years, they were able to gain more than a hundred million users. After the video was released, the conversion increased to 10%, whew!  To help you set aside your doubts, here are four rationales to prove explainer videos are worth it.

  1. Easiest Way To Describe Your Business

According to research, people pay more attention to what they hear or see rather than what they usually read. Given this, an animated video is a good way to draw your audience’s attention while you explain your business to them. Visual illustrations can easily be understood by viewers rather than a complex block of text, which is a great way to capture their short attention span in the first few seconds. Not only that, animated videos can also increase average visit time up to 2 minutes, which means that you have expanded your viewer’s attention more than a hundredth time (normally, 8-10 seconds is all there is).

  1. Boosts Sales Conversion

Every businessman like you wishes to achieve increased sales – explainer videos can help you reach for it! Several case studies show that a single animated marketing video boosts sales up to 30% and creates a great opportunity for viewers to convert to customers. Want to pitch? Then put your words into action and use explainer videos to pitch every time. With a compelling story and video, you can certainly capture your audience’s attention, then potentially convert them into consumers.

  1. Promotes SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the strategies used to boost web visibility and presence which also helps in increasing conversion rates. So, if you’re also utilizing SEO techniques, use animated explainer videos to maximize your efforts. The trick here is that Google’s algorithm indexes video related to the audience’s search and it will be suggested in the first or second page, hence, more visibility. All you have to do is promote your video through social media and YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine). It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

  1. Builds Brand Trust and Credibility

The best way to gain customers is through building trust and credibility. Animated videos can help you achieve your goal and leave a lasting impression to your customers. You have to create custom animated characters: protagonist – the customer and antagonist – the issue or problem, and add it with colors, animation and visual metaphors in order to build a connection with them. Put your concept into a fascinating cartoon video! Once a connection has been built, your audience can easily recognize your brand and associate it with the video. Remember, trust is the main factor why people make a purchase.

Alright! So, after reading these, I bet you’re on our side now, correct? I hoped so! Indeed, you’ll not be wasting your money, time and effort if you’d opt for animated explainer videos. Once you’ve made up your mind, it’s paramount that you do a lot of research, develops a solid concept and most of all – write a script that rocks! For the explainer video production, we do suggest that you leave the job to the experts to ensure high-quality results. There are hundreds or thousands of animation companies out there, but you have to select the best explainer video company you’d find. Are you getting excited? Take the first step now!